My journey through Clearing!

Sometimes in life we have to take alternative routes to get where we want to. Clearing is sort of like an alternative route to get into university. I know a lot of people get scared at the idea of going through clearing but honestly, it’s not that scary at all. Listen to my story: Shaay… Read more »

Clearing: How does it work?

You might have heard about Clearing before, or you might be wondering what it is and whether it’s something you need to know about. Clearing is the final chance for you to find a place at uni this year. There are a few different reasons you might go through Clearing: If you didn’t quite meet… Read more »

Your top questions: 2015 undergrads special

The askBU team has been even busier than usual this week! There have been lots of questions from those of you wanting to join us this September, so here are some answers… What is Clearing? Clearing is the final part of the university admissions process. It’s organised by UCAS in July and August and is… Read more »