What they say – School of Tourism Master’s Graduates

“The course was exactly designed and tailored to the dynamics of the contemporary retailing environment. It’s led by academics who have worked in industry, making the experience invaluable and inspirational.” Murat Satilmis, MSc Retail Management Graduate   “A great course, with a strong emphasis upon emerging issues within the tourism industry and equally well situated… Read more »

Latest news from BU

New academic building on Talbot Campus We’re delighted to announce that planning permission has been granted for a new academic building on Talbot Campus. It’s due to open in 2016 and will feature seminar rooms, lecture theatres and learning spaces. To find out more about the new building, and see what it will look like… Read more »

Hear from a current student…

By Sagar Srivastava Current BU student, MA Directing Digital Film and Television My name is Sagar Srivastava. I am from India, born in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, and grew up mostly in Mumbai (which I prefer to call as Bombay). I am a MA Directing student, and I am doing this course as… Read more »

It’s tough, but it’s worth it

Studying in the UK for sure is totally different from the comfort zone that you have back in your home country. Lying down on the sofa after class, chilling and waiting for nice homemade food from your mom, not any more. When you study aboard like in the UK It’s more challenging than you expect…. Read more »

SUBU what’s in it for you?

What do the following words have in common–a voice for students, advice, fun events/activities, clubs and societies, and Nerve* Media? Students Union at Bournemouth University (aka SUBU) and you (plus the whole of your university career, of course). [To be read in Morgan Freeman’s voice] Here at BU, we like to give you options. Options… Read more »

Take a good look around

Getting a glimpse of what it means to study at BU, seeing the crowds, getting a feel of the town and the Campus was, for me, one incredible experience. Since I’m a student of the School of Tourism, I got to tour around Talbot Campus. However, since Lansdowne Campus is very much a part of… Read more »

Better together in uni accommodation

I’m taking Msc Event Marketing. Now I’m in the second semester and it’s quite fun studying the core course, rather than the basic units in the last semester. Personally, I stay in a private flat with my Italian flatmate near Bournemouth square, but she isn’t a student. I found this place by searching on Gumtree.com…. Read more »

To MSc or not to MSc?

Hopefully you’re not yet slipping into a Hamlet-esque soliloquy contemplating whether or not to go into postgraduate study but, since you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably pondering taking the plunge, whether this is into an MSc, an MA, an MBA, or any of the other acronyms denoting a postgraduate qualification! Going into postgraduate study… Read more »

Media School Introduce 3 new MA’s

The Media School is launching a new Master’s programme this September, MA Media and Communication.  This will be the first Master’s in the Media School to offer an optional extended industry placement. Students can spend 30 weeks working within the media or communications industry as part of their study.  The School’s placement office, with over… Read more »