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from Colombia


MSc Nutrition and Behaviour

Hi, my name is Alejandra and I’m a Masters student from Colombia. When planning on studying abroad, it’s always good to know about the services offered by universities in terms of personal guidance throughout your journey. Life is more than just studying and I have found great personal support from BU.

Multi-faith Chaplaincy

No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, BU offers a multi-faith chaplaincy. It is a peaceful space, full of different rooms, including an Islamic prayer room. You can relax here, enjoy some hot drinks and, if you want, talk to a nun privately. I personally know one of the nuns from the Global café (an event where you meet other international students every week) and even though we don’t share the same religion, she has become a good friend of mine.


Especially during the first few days of university, it is normal to have lots of questions, from accommodation to financing enquiries. This service has the perfect name, since it is a centre where you can ask anything that is on your mind, about any topic. They will provide advice and guidance or redirect you to the proper place. I have used this service a few times and they have always given me a clear and kind explanation.

Student Wellbeing

Bournemouth University has a centre specialising in student wellbeing. As an international postgraduate student, you need to manage deadlines, group projects and constant challenges, besides your daily life issues. When you feel overwhelmed or you just feel like talking to someone, you can access full support from a counsellor or personal advice from a wellbeing advisor. The Student Wellbeing Centre also runs some workshops throughout the year which can be useful. I attended a workshop about stress management, anxiety and resilience, where I learnt various techniques that have helped me through the semester.

SUBU Advice

The Students’ Union also offers professional support and guidance from an expert team. SUBU advice can help you with a variety of topics, from academic doubts to personal issues and housing advice. When I used this service, I loved the fact that they were eager to help, understanding and so professional. They were also quite easy to reach via emails, phone calls or face-to-face.

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