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from Colombia


MSc Nutrition and Behaviour

Have a cultural blast at uni

Hi there, my name is Alejandra and I come from Colombia studying an MSc in Nutrition and Behaviour. One of the things I enjoy the most is meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Moving here from so far away, I understand leaving your friends and family is scary. However, meeting people is easy through the events that are organised here on campus. So whether you prefer staying at home or going out every night, you can always find something you like doing at Bournemouth university.


Being an international student is appreciated in the Global BUddies community. If you join, you will be in a group with people from all over the world, spending time doing different activities throughout the year. The first event was like heaven for me because I got to try desserts from France, Lebanon, Italy and China. I have made friends from India, Spain, Greece and Finland.

More coffee please

With my friends on a tour

If you fancy a coffee like any good Colombian would do, you can head over the Global Café at Talbot or at Lansdowne. This space gives you the opportunity to connect with other international students while enjoying the most amazing cookies and tea or coffee. Personally, I love going, it helps me relax away from university and enjoy good quality time with other students.

Global events

There are also cultural events organised by Global Buzz. Last year there was an international Christmas fair where there was a wide range of food from vegetarian to German sausages and crafts, raffles and some beautiful Bulgarian traditional dances.

Joining the Global Talent Programme (GTP) gave me the chance to attend conferences, activities and meet inspiring people whilst learning at the same time. Through the programme you are encouraged to travel, get out of your comfort zone and understand different personalities as well as develop your own.

Clubs and societies

If you want to get away from the international atmosphere, there are many ways to interact with the local culture and other students. The first thing I did was join the yoga club and the Chinese society. It is important to mention that Bournemouth University has the widest variety of societies I have ever seen, so I have no doubt you will find something you like. Whether you like dancing, movies, radio, debates, sports, and arts or if you are looking for a cooking course or even poker, you will find it at Bournemouth.

Travel around

I met many of my friends on one of the tours organised by the university. I had the chance of visiting the Jurassic coast, which you may have seen in some movies.  Joining the tours organised by the University is a great way to build a social life.

Alejandra Toro, Columbia, Msc Nutrition and Behaviour