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Some of my favourite spaces at Talbot Campus.

As a postgraduate student of Corporate Communications under the faculty of Media and Communications all my classes were held on Talbot campus which meant that I got to spend a lot of time there.

Getting around in the first weeks wasn’t easy and I must admit I did get lost a couple of times but I eventually got to know my way around especially since a map of the campus was provided, directions were in place and most of all the friendly staff at Ask BU were always available to help.

I always enjoyed the 10 minute bus ride from Chesil House to Talbot apart from days when I was running late and I just felt that they were too many stops or the bus driver was being extremely kind and letting everyone go before us!

Despite my busy class schedule and believe me it does get pretty intense especially with strict deadlines, I did enjoy my course immensely and I found some favourite spots around the University to spend my time to read and relax!

The Fusion Building

I loved everything about the fusion building; I was the happiest when my classes or any engagements were scheduled here. The classrooms are fresh and airy letting in lots of natural light and give off a very modern vibe.


The meeting rooms especially the larger ones have multiple screens and offer interactive spaces.

The fusion building was our meeting point for my classmates and I since it also has a restaurant and coffee shops. We must have had our lunch here almost every day and then just sit back and chat as we waited for our next class.

The restaurant offers a variety of food for both breakfast and lunch or one can pack your own and have it here too. The terrace is also a good place to hang out during the day especially in the warmer weather.

The Library

Yes the library! As a postgraduate student you have lots to read, you have to get those academic references in! The best way I did this was to take time out to study in the library. It offers many options of sitting places but my favourite was the postgraduate area! Anytime I needed to have some quiet time and put in serious hours of work I did this in the postgraduate area. Not to mention the novelty of seeing so many books all stacked around neatly on shelves! The library also has helpful staff that are always happy to help if you can’t find a book or even need to print however there is also an online library resource that you can always access at all times.


Dylan’s Kitchen and Bar

Did you think it was all work and no play? Dylan’s Kitchen and bar offers the perfect spot to hang with your mates at any time of the day.  One memorable experience here was when Lucie my classmate and I had spent hours and hours on a  difficult group assignment and till the last minute were still pouring more into it but when we pitched our presentation we did really well and were so proud of ourselves and went to Dylan’s to celebrate.


The ambience, music and food at Dylan’s really highlights a typical hangout place for student in the UK and I just loved it!

Faculty of Media and Communication Space

This place is always abuzz with media students practicing their filming and interviews and gives a peek into the studio space.

Don’t forget to say hi to Sulley, the blue monster!

Mural backdrop

The mural which I think is a perfect backdrop to a good picture on any given day always gave me happy, vibrant and inclusive feels, these are some of the things that describe the times that I have had during my studies here at Bournemouth University.

The mural also has a QR code that you can use to access information on the BU website.

Written by Leonah, current student MA Corporate Communication.