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Kamila Bianchi (Brazil) 

I am Kamila Bianchi, from Brazil! I am studying a Masters in 3D Computer Animation at BU. I initially joined the student ambassador team because I needed extra money and, as my course was really busy, I wouldn’t have been able to have a regular part-time job. However, what this opportunity has brought to me has been a lot more than just money.

Confidence boost

I never liked talking in public with people that I didn’t know before I performed this role. I thought it would be even harder in a language that wasn’t my first. However, working at some events as a student ambassador boosted my confidence so much that I can now just talk to anyone.

Recording the best year of my life

 Another thing that I had never tried before was doing vlogs. Sometimes it is really weird to edit my vlogs. However, when I see the end result and receive compliments from other people, it is totally worth it. Doing the vlogs has also improved my English pronunciation, as you have to really think about what you say and speak in a way that any nationality can understand. I also believe it will be great to look back over them in the future, as it will remind me of my time as a student at BU.

Making new friends

Being an ambassador is also a good way to make new friends and get to know people who you wouldn’t necessarily meet otherwise. Talking to other ambassadors about their courses and conversing with different nationalities makes this opportunity even more unique.

I definitely recommend people apply to be a student ambassador. Along the way you will find the type of jobs you enjoy the most and I am sure you won’t regret it.

Kamila Bianchi, Brazil, MA 3D Computer Animation, 2017/18