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Giorgos Kapsanakis

Hello, my name is Giorgos Kapsanakis. I come from Greece and I am studying MA Directing Film and Television at Bournemouth University. In this blog I will share my experiences with you regarding transportation in and around Bournemouth!

Next stop…Bournemouth

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in England was the high-quality national buses. I arrived at Heathrow Airport and took the National Express to get to Bournemouth’s Coach Station. The coaches are well equipped with Wi-Fi, power plugs, and toilets so your two and a half hours will pass by smoothly. The coach station in Bournemouth is very near to the town center and it is easily accessible by bus throughout the entire town. If you are the type of person who enjoys travel, you will find travelling in and out of Bournemouth very handy!

Good-value local buses

For me, the most important thing was to make sure I could get from my flat to the university quickly and inexpensively. The buses come frequently and access to university is easy. I never waited more than ten minutes for the bus to go to university.

I suggest you get an annual bus card for unlimited travels with either the Yellow Bus or the More Bus. You will save both money and time on buying tickets. However, if you live near the university you will probably enjoy walking there instead of taking the bus.

Biking for the environment

Even though public transportation in Bournemouth works perfectly fine, there are other ways to get around the town which can be way more fun! Of course, I’m talking about biking! Riding a bicycle in Bournemouth can be one of the nicest and fastest ways to get to your destination.

The town is bike friendly and the fact that it is mostly flat helps a lot! So why not buy a second-hand bicycle when you arrive in England? Save money, burn some calories, and help the environment whilst moving around town.

I hope my tips help you decide which transportation suits you best in Bournemouth. Remember, no matter which one you choose to take, always carry an umbrella with you!

By Giorgos Kapsanakis, Greece, MA Directing Film and Television, 2017/18