Guest blogger Produced by

Sijuade Yusuf (Nigeria)

My name is Siju Yusuf from Nigeria. I have been studying a Master’s in Media Communication at BU since September 2017. In my course there is one given – I need the library as much as I need the classroom…maybe even more.

Since my first visit the library has become my favourite hang-out spot. My day at university is not complete if I do not visit the library. I find it provides both a quiet-enough space for me to study along with areas that are bubbly enough to maintain my sanity. Every floor is easily accessed and carefully designed with users in mind

First visit success

The not-so-serene, yet not-too-loud, ambience of the ground floor greeted me as I sauntered in. I was immediately relieved that I would not have to walk on egg shells throughout the entire library. There are designated areas where an admissible amount of noise is tolerated and several extremely quiet zones.

For a newbie still trying to find her way around, I stuck to the ground floor the whole day. Amazingly, and quite unusually, I utilised some of the library functions without any help. BU’s website is loaded with information to help new students set-up and hit the ground running. I was able to fund my student card, test out the printers, and do general reading on library functions.

The men and women in blue

You can’t go far without spotting the library assistants in blue uniforms. They help make sense of the equipment lying around and the general use of library. They are quite hands-on and are always looking for ways to help whoever may need their assistance.

Digital catalogues

For a first timer user who is not used to sourcing and searching for books using the library catalogue on the computer, it can seem daunting. The library assistants also provide help in this way. After a little training, the online catalogue is easy to comprehend and use. It even enables students to confirm the availability and location of the books in their search.

Need a recess?

Naked Coffee serves coffee during the day to library visitors. Near the café is a lounge to relax and take a breather from studying. The interesting layout of the lounge is arranged in such a way that your focus is removed from study-life for a second as you unwind.

There are also numerous other hangout spots around the campus if you want to take a complete break from studying.

Borrowing is a breeze

The system put in place to ensure seamless borrowing and returning of books is also worth a mention. This automated system allows borrowers to access books and return them on time. On occasion, I was nearing the scheduled time to return a book I had borrowed. The timely automated reminder sent to my email came in very handy as I could have possibly missed the deadline and incurred an overdue fee.

The library and her officers are as efficient as they are effective!

By Siju Yusuf, Nigeria, MA Media Communication, 2017/18