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Ella Aaltonen (Finland)

I’m Ella Aaltonen and I have been studying Computer Animation Art and Design at Bournemouth University since September 2017. The multi-faith Chaplaincy is located on both campuses, but I’m mostly familiar with the one in Talbot House on the Talbot Campus. It’s in the same house as the medical centre and music rooms — just slightly off centre from the Fusion building where most students hang out at the university. Being close to the busiest area of campus works to its benefit.

Game night treasure

During the first week at BU, I decided to attend one of the events organised by the Chaplaincy at the campus – Game Night. There I met somebody who would later become one of my closest friends here, as well as found one of my favourite places on the campus.

It’s not just about religion

Many students associate the Chaplaincy as a place for spirituality. It offers prayer rooms as well as opportunities to get in touch with different faith communities. However, the Chaplaincy is meant to support all the students at BU, religious or not. You can visit to talk in confidence about personal matters, as well as just to find a place to relax. The staff is very kind and genuinely interested in helping you and they don’t come off as too pushy.

Study and socialise

For me, Chaplaincy provides a place to unwind. It has a quiet room to use if you have a project you really need to concentrate on. Or, it can be a place to take a break between lectures as the rest of the campus is usually crammed with people. It also has a meeting room where you have a better chance of finding it empty than any of the meeting rooms at the library. This is very good if you need to organise a group project.

Food, fun, and games

What I do there most often is spend time with my friends. Chaplaincy has a small kitchen you can use to heat up food or to make tea or coffee – just remember to clean up afterwards. It also has a vast selection of board games that are a fun way to spend free time with your friends or classmates between lectures.

If you ever feel like putting your feet up, need somebody to talk to, or just want to spend a nice relaxing afternoon with your friends…go and pay them a visit. If nothing else, they always have cookies on the tables you can eat!

By Ella Aaltonen, Finland, BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design, 2017/18