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Hi all, my name is Roberta and I’m from Brazil. I’m currently studying MSc Biological Anthropology here at Bournemouth University and I’m as happy as I could be!

When I found out about this course I was really excited. There is nothing like that in Brazil and, at the same time, it has everything that I wanted to study! The professors are amazing and the infrastructure is as good as the staff.

Traveling in time

The whole course is directed at people who want to understand human evolution and behaviour throughout time. It involves picking up clues from what we have today to help us understand how it all worked years ago, as we weren’t even bipedal then (ie. we used more than two legs for walking!)

What do we have here?

Since Europe is a very ancient continent, there are many places where you can go to find evidence from our past. It’s not unusual to stumble upon old artefacts when going for a walk in the countryside – there’s a lot to explore and study in the area. The University is very near the Jurassic Coast, so you can only imagine what can be found from a period of time even older than us humans!

Bones, bones, bones!!!

Yes, there are lots and lots of bones for you to see, human and non-human. The bone labs are amazing, full of material and open at all times! We have classes on them every week, but when not in class, you can still use them for self or group study, even at the weekend (believe me, you’ll be there at the weekend too!).

Everyone in the staff team is also very helpful and friendly, so you just feel welcomed and supported throughout the course. I would highly recommend it!