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My name is Lu and I have been studying at BU for almost four years. I did Accounting and Finance here for my bachelor degree but I chose another completely different area for my masters degree which is MSc Sport Management. Everyone including my parents asked me ‘Why?’… Because I just simply love sports!

Right now, I am lucky enough to be working at Adidas Group Shanghai Headquarters for my work placement. I am in the Training/Running/Outdoor division which comes under the Sport Marketing category. As an intern, my main responsibility is to assist and support my team to achieve all their tasks.

One of my main jobs is to choose clothing and shoes (in “Adidas terminology” we call them APP/FW/ACC) from our warehouse for different gym studios, individual personal trainers, our contract sport athletes and stars. This process takes a long time, as we need to check the inventory first to see whether we can meet or match the size and quantity for our different clients.  I need to complete forms, then upload to our SPM system, make a clear picture for each product and finally make a cover sheet for each task. When I first time did this task, I spent nearly two weeks to finish it. However, when I saw our CEO sign this contract I felt over the moon! And now I am getting much quicker and more efficient.

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I also order Training/Running/Outdoor products for each season from our online system named adiPortal, translate documents and took part in making 2016 a Rio Olympic news summary Powerpoint and other admin tasks.

The working environment in here is open plan, with some fashion elements. The employees usually have their group meeting in the public rest area which feels like I am back in the BU library. The company also provide a small gym and a studio for colleagues to do exercise and book classes to enjoy the sport. People are friendly here and I am enjoying my time here!

Compared with my first day at the office, a girl who was unfamiliar, nervous and completely lost in a new working environment, I have gradually grown up and become a more professional girl in a real business world.

Be patient, be confident, be the best! ——Lu