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Hello everyone, I’m back from my summer vacation!

Around this time every year BU is busy receiving and reviewing applications for the new academic year. I guess lots of you guys who are considering a master degree would want to know roughly how postgraduate assessments are different from undergraduate so I’m here to help!

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It’s not all about exams and assignments. If you’re not a fan of those you can choose a course without them and there will always be something you can pick up. There are courses where you can conduct research projects or production projects, especially media and design courses.

Pass mark for PG units is 50% on average without any separate element that is less than 46%. This is different from UG where pass mark is 40% without any element of less than 36%. Classification of postgraduate courses is as follows:

Distinction           70% or more

Merit                     60 – 69%

Pass                       50 – 59%

UG courses have their own system of classification usually including first class (70% or more), second class upper division (60 – 69%, known as 2:1), second class lower division (50 – 59%, known as 2:2), third class which is the pass mark (40 – 49%).

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The first and foremost thing regarding submitting your assignment or project is to do it on time. Remember the deadline is not the time to submit! The submission needs to be done (way) before the deadline. If you fail to submit your assignment on time, and manage to do it within 72 hours after the deadline you’ll only get a maximum grade of 50% no matter how excellent your work might be. After 72 hours it’s a 0% mark without exceptions. In case of illness or reasonable personal circumstances you can apply for an extension but that needs doing before the deadline as well.

In case of failure of any exam or assignment, you are entitled to discuss with your unit lead tutor about re-sitting the exam or resubmitting the coursework. If unfortunately you can’t manage to pass that, repetition of the unit is unavoidable.


Now don’t panic! It is not that hard to get a pass mark, although merit or distinction will require much more effort. The key thing to ensure your success is to be prepared long before the deadline, don’t wait until the last minute! As for assignments, you’ll get a lot of support from your tutor and other staff members of the Uni, as well as those who can help you proofread your work and advise you on places for improvement.

You are not alone! As long as you try your best, we are here to help you achieve the best results.

Good luck with your applications!

By Anh Ngu