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thumb_IMG_0098_1024-smallBournemouth, of course, is one of the most well-known tourist destinations with pleasant climates throughout the year in the UK.

When I first came to the city, I did not worry about whether or not I would get used to it; I can get any questions answered through the Bournemouth University Taiwanese Students Association on Facebook! The group helped me to know even though I had left Taiwan I was still not alone in the UK.

One of my biggest concerns before leaving Taiwan and coming to study in the UK was whether or not Taiwanese food was readily available in supermarkets, shops or restaurants here in Bournemouth. Don’t worry! It is here! While studying at Bournemouth University, I have found two shops, Jia Jia and Asia Shop, which are both good choices for finding seasonings for Taiwanese cuisine. Of course, if you want to taste Korean style foods, Seoul Plaza is the greatest place to shop here in Bournemouth.

Miss home cooking? It’s okay, there are a few restaurants in the town. I recommend two of the most popular restaurants. One is located in the town centre and is called Day’s Restaurant – it is a buffet style restaurant and provides a wide variety of dishes. Another recommended restaurant is near Lansdowne, called 麵 (Bournemouth Noodle Bar), which offers many kinds of authentic meals as well as multi-course meals with reasonable prices. And the most popular drink originating from Taiwan – bubble tea! There are two bubble tea stores in the town centre, Yobu and Tealith. With so many cultured shops, flavoursome restaurants, and authentic tea stores in Bournemouth town centre and residential neighborhoods, studying in Bournemouth can fix your stomach and your soul.

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Do you need a hairstyle makeover? No worries, there are a lot of hair salons everywhere in Bournemouth. However, almost all hairdressers are British. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. In my personal experience, You Hair Design was the most recommended hair salon for me. I have tried it, and know You Hair Design use high-quality products to take care of customers’ hair. Not only do they provide good services, but for students we can get a 20% discount too.

Finally, I can’t help but mention that my Taiwanese friends here love Thai food very much. Every time we have completed an assignment or finished exam, we gather in a “Thai Smile” to relax and chat. For we know this is the best way for us to enjoy our time together.

By Wen Ya Cheng