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Paula-LeardiniThe main reasons I chose BU are the location and atmosphere of the city, reputation of the university and support to international students. Applying to BU was easy as the system is friendly, the instructions are clear and the admissions team is very efficient.

My BU life has been incredible! The university really supports international students regarding their course (language and British educational system) and general life abroad (accommodation, transport and social events). I had the opportunity to meet people from many different countries / cultures and make new friends worldwide. Bournemouth is beautiful, organised, peaceful and close to London, with easy access to many countries in Europe. Therefore, it was easy to adapt to my new life.

British people are extremely polite and sick to the rules. The buses, for example, are always on time, so don’t be late!

If you’re a future students, I advise you to make sure you know which campus you will study at before choosing your accommodation. Another hint is to keep in mind what you are looking for in the course / university and research it. Then, you’ll know what to expect.

Paula Leardini, MSc International Management

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