Event Review: Virtual Reality Surgery, Festival of Learning, Bournemouth University, June 2016

Dr Jop Antonis demonstrating Virtual Reality Surgery SimulatorOn Saturday 25th of June, the Bournemouth University Festival of Leaning (FoL) event provided a platform for families to try our state of art Knee Arthroscopy surgery training simulator. With over 50 kids and many adults testing their surgical skills, we were delighted with the positive feedback from everyone on the day. Much of the day was set around kids trying to learn about the knee anatomy and have hands on experience using surgical instruments such as probe, grasper, punch and motorized shaver through series of basic training exercise, as illustrated by “catch the stars”, where stars were hidden below the meniscus, between ligaments, or bones.

FoL also gave us an opportunity to reiterate on different aspects of research and the driving force at Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) with improving care in the local area which resulted in many interested to participate in future ORI studies.

Ultimately, this proved to be a fun, successful, educative event with brilliant friendly atmosphere both for us in the ORI and all the families involved.

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