Marc Mimler’s article cited in the Opinion of Advocate General in Pelham

Advocate General Szpunar has delivered the Opinion in Case C‑476/17 Pelham and others v. Hütter, better known as the “Metall auf Metall” case. The case originates from a referral of the German Federal Court on the permissibility of sampling of music. The AG’s Opinion, which recommends the Court of Justice to rule that unlicensed sampling is copyright infringement, refers in § 86 to the commentary of the Bundesgerichtshof‘s judgment published by CIPPM’s member Dr Marc Mimler in the Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual PropertySee M.D. Mimler, “Metall auf Metall — German Federal Constitutional Court discusses the permissibility of sampling of music tracks“, QMJIP, 2017, vol. 7, No 1, p. 119 to 127