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Claudy Op den Kamp “Opening PANDORA’S BOX: bridging the gap between film preservation and IP”

Research Seminar

Wednesday 9 November, 16.00, room EB602

Based on the 2008 digital restoration of the silent feature film Pandora’s Box (GE 1929, G.W. Pabst), a project for which I was one of the project managers, I would like to highlight some of the aspects of my recent and current research.

In this work-in-progress presentation, I will touch upon analogue sources of material culture, (the necessity of) digitisation, issues of IP and public accessibility, and in light of the film material’s potential for history-making, why the gap between film preservation and IP would need bridging at all.

Claudy Op den Kamp is Lecturer in Film at Bournemouth University and Faculty Member of CIPPM.