CIPPM Researchers present at the 31st BILETA Conference

CIPPM PhD students Emile Douilhet, Evangelia Papadaki and Hayleigh Bosher and CIPPM Co-Director, Dr. Dinusha Mendis attended and presented at the BILETA conference hosted by University of Hertforshire on 11-12 April 2016.

The conference commenced with keynote speeches from Professor Eric Goldman (Professor of Law, Santa Clara University California) and Professor Dan Katz (Associate Professor in Law, Chicago Kent College of Law). The second day of the conference opened with a keynote speech from Professor Lilian Edwards (Professor of Internet Law and Deputy Director CREATe, Strathyclyde University).

The conference included a number of parallel streams, panels, a Google workshop on the right to be forgotten, a Google PhD workshop and 1-minute lightening talks titled ‘War of Words’. The programme can be accessed here.

CIPPM PhD students presented papers on copyright and big data.

Evangelia Papadaki (supervised by Professor Maurizio Borghi and Dr. Dinusha Mendis) presented her paper titled ‘Hyperlinking, making available and copyright infringement: Lessons from European national courts’. The abstract of Evangelia’s paper can be found here.

Hayleigh Bosher (supervised by Dr. Dinusha Mendis and Professor Martin Kretschmer) presented on ‘Copying in Any Material Form: Is it an infringement of Copyright to Access Protected Material Online?’ The abstract of Hayleigh’s paper can be found here.

Emile Douilhet (supervised by Professor Maurizio Borghi and Dr. Argyro Karanasiou) presented his paper titled ‘A focus on ‘information’ instead of ‘data’’. The abstract of Emile’s paper can be found here.

CIPPM, Co-Director, Dr. Dinusha Mendis together with PhD student Hayleigh Bosher, presented their paper titled ‘Swings and Roundabouts: The Impact of Legal Drafting on the Language and Understanding of Copyright Law and the Need for Educational Materials’. The abstract of their paper, which will be published in the 3rd Issue of 2016 International Review of Law, Computers and Technology can be found here.

The conference, organised extremely well by Ms. Edina Harbinja, Dr. Felipe Romero-Moreno and Mr. Kevin Rogers, included a dinner at the 15th Century Great Hall of the Old Palace Hatfield House in the style of a medieval banquet. During the dinner, the Hatfield Players including King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and their Courtiers entertained the delegates with Elizabethan period music, song and theatre!

Hatfield House