Argyro Karanasiou’s statement at the LSE International Workshop “The Alternative Internet”


CIPPM’ Argyro Karanasiou has presented her position paper “Fixing Broken Promises: Clean Slates and Human Rights by Design” at the international workshop “The Alternative Internet” at the London School of Economics on September 16th 2014. This invitation-only event was organised by the Department of Media and Communications of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in collaboration with CNRS Institute for Communication Sciences (ISCC) and was further supported by Paris Sorbonne-Universités, the French National Agency for Research within the frame of the Adam project, and the European Network for Internet Science.

More details can be found on the event webpage

The workshop explored the techno-politics, architecture frameworks, governance and socio-cultural implications of alternative internet projects. In her position paper, Argyro considered the internet’s rapid centralisation, reviewed its implications for human rights and suggested a constitutional duty for maintaining a rights-friendly net architecture based on open standards and decentralised structures.

The event gathered a group of experts from various disciplines and is hoped to serve as a platform for future projects on alternative internet structures and network governance models.