Research into 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Law presented in Helsinki, Bournemouth and Nottingham

Dr. Dinusha Mendis, Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM)’s and Associate Professor in Law was recently invited to present her research in 3D printing and Intellectual Property (IP) law in Helsinki and Nottingham.  Dinusha also hosted an event on this topic at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning in June 1014.

In April 2014, Dinusha was invited by the Department of Commercial Law at the Hanken School of Economics in Finland to present her most recent research in 3D printing and IP Law.  The talk titled ‘Law and Technological Change: – 3D Printing Technology, New Business Models and Intellectual Property Law‘ explored the paths that intellectual property law may take in the adoption of 3D printing technology with particular emphasis on the utility of “law and technology” as a research method.

In June 2014, Dinusha hosted an event on ‘3D Printing: Understanding the Technology and Law’ at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning.  The event was run in collaboration with the Media School and the School of Science and Technology. Further details about this event can also be found here.

In July 2014, Dinusha was invited to present her research at the 9th Annual Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing International Conference.  The event hosted by the University of Nottingham and Econolyst Ltd., brings together industry experts from the field of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing. As an invited speaker, Dinusha spoke on the ‘The Application of UK Copyright Law to 3D Printing and Mass Customisation’.   A further insight into the talk can also be found on the Conference blog under the heading  ‘Who is the creator: where does UK law stand on IP in 3DP?’

Dinusha continues to carry out both funded and independent research in this area and her most recent article titled ‘3D Printing Enters the Fast Lane’ was published in the Intellectual Property Magazine in July 2014.