Day 10: The Skeleton!

An unexpected discovery was found in Trench D this week, a human skeleton. A ditch which runs through the Trench from east to west was being excavated when a burial was discovered. The burial appears to be late Roman and the human was carefully buried in a coffin. This was determined due to four coffin… Read more » about Day 10: The Skeleton!

Day 9: The Storm

Some fantastic things are being discovered in the trenches this week, however today excavation was slowed down due to a thunder storm in the afternoon. The students and volunteers had to come off the trenches into the huts for safety but in hope that the storm would pass quickly so they could get back to… Read more » about Day 9: The Storm

Day 8: What are these?

There is a numerous amount of pits in Trench D which have many questions around them to what they might be. Even though most of the pits are being dated to the Iron Age and Roman period, it’s hard to determine what they might have been used for. For example, in one of the corners… Read more » about Day 8: What are these?

Day 7: Finds

In any archaeological site finds are always discovered; this could be anything from pottery, animals bone, teeth and if you are lucky even human remains. The finds discovered on site can tell a lot about a site. Many techniques can be used to date and access the site to then put together a story about… Read more » about Day 7: Finds

Day 6: Week 2

Today is the first day of the second week; the students and volunteers began the day with a site briefing from Miles Russell and Paul Cheetham about what they believe the site be about. It’s important that site briefings take place on site to ensure that the students and volunteers understand what they are excavating… Read more » about Day 6: Week 2