Day 7: Finds

In any archaeological site finds are always discovered; this could be anything from pottery, animals bone, teeth and if you are lucky even human remains. The finds discovered on site can tell a lot about a site. Many techniques can be used to date and access the site to then put together a story about what might have occurred at that time period. Finds are being used to discover whether something is just waste or was used for a purpose.

Animals bones are a very popular find on site and they can be used to answer a lot of questions. This year the Trenches are pulling up a lot sheep, cow, dog and horse; which could show that these were used as either food or for manual labour in farming. These animals will also always be domesticated, so it would be very unlikely if undomesticated animals are found in rural areas like this. In past years’ ritual animal sites have been found, where the skull of one animal is placed on the skeletal body of another animal; however, nothing has been found like this at the moment.

Pottery is another find which is always discovered on an archaeological. These are always used to date sites or features. Over time humans changed the way they produced pottery and it can tell a lot about the development of people and how they did things.

All finds are highly important to collect because without them we wouldn’t know anything about the past.