Day 8: What are these?

There is a numerous amount of pits in Trench D which have many questions around them to what they might be. Even though most of the pits are being dated to the Iron Age and Roman period, it’s hard to determine what they might have been used for. For example, in one of the corners in Trench D the feature [044] has had many people say it is different things. Some people have stated that it might be terminus at the end of a ditch but others have argued and said that it is just a pit. The finds that have been removed from this feature have mostly been small pieces of bone and pottery but nothing of a large size. From these finds it could be assumed that it just a waste pit. The students who are excavating this feature are making their way through to spoil in hopes to get answers of what the feature might be.

In Trench D there is also evidence of three sub roman sunken features, this shows that the area of land was lived on by people in that time period.

In Trench E a group of volunteers have been lucky enough to uncover a wall which runs from the side of the Trench into the bank. It is believed that the wall is Roman, so it is believed that the south side of the trench is most likely Roman, while the north side is mostly Bronze Age and Iron Age.