Day 9: The Storm

Some fantastic things are being discovered in the trenches this week, however today excavation was slowed down due to a thunder storm in the afternoon. The students and volunteers had to come off the trenches into the huts for safety but in hope that the storm would pass quickly so they could get back to troweling.

In Trench E most of the roundhouse has been excavated and the students are now working on the pits and ditches which surround the roundhouse, there is hope that they all connect. Six late late iron age storage pits have been discover in the Trenches and one student was even lucky enough to discover that he was excavated a flint-walled Ramano British oven. The volunteers and master students who discovered the wall in Trench E produced a beautiful plan drawing, showing off their archaeology and art skills all at once.

Something very interesting has been taking place in Trench D this week but the secret will be revealed tomorrow!