Day 10: The Skeleton!

An unexpected discovery was found in Trench D this week, a human skeleton. A ditch which runs through the Trench from east to west was being excavated when a burial was discovered. The burial appears to be late Roman and the human was carefully buried in a coffin. This was determined due to four coffin nails being found on one side of the body. It is expected that the skeleton is Roman but not Christian due to body facing north to south. No grave goods were discovered with the body.

Unfortunately due to animals a section of the skeleton is missing.

There isn’t a clear date yet but the skeleton has now been lifted and will be taken back to the university to be studied. Environmental analysis will also be conducted on the surrounding soil to help age the skeleton.

We are hopeful that this will be one of many human remains discovered on site and they could be the occupiers of the sunken roman houses being discovered. But we just have to wait and see.