Face and Content Validation

Title:  Face and Content Validation of the Sim-K Haptic-Feedback Enhanced Total Knee Replacement Virtual Reality Simulator.

Status: Article in Review

The purpose of the study: Virtual reality simulators for open orthopaedic procedures, such as total knee replacement (TKR), are uncommon compared to arthroscopic or fluoroscopic procedures. The Ossim Sim-K is to our knowledge the first virtual reality TKR simulator with haptic feedback, and we sought to investigate the face and content validity of the first iteration of this device.

Primary Objectives: To assess the content and face validity of this prototype TKR surgery simulator. Face and content validity are two important concepts for scientifically evaluating the simulator. Face validity refers to the realism of the experience whilst content validity is a judgement of the teaching ability of the simulator.

Study start date: November 2016

Estimated completion date: September 2018