“My Experience at ORI” by Student Research Assistant Layla Johnson

As a psychology student at Bournemouth University, I was delighted to have the opportunity to join the Orthopaedic research Institute team this summer as a Student Research Assistant. Working closely with Ranti Samaratunga on her PhD project which explores the Development and Evaluation of a Dedicated Simulator for Hip Surgery Training, I worked on evaluating an effective and definitive criterion for simulation recruitment and validation.
Gaining an insight into how professionals from such varied fields work together to engineer, validate and use this to educate and support society has given me such determination to follow in those footsteps.
I have absolutely loved being a part of the ORI team and would like to thank the whole team for being so welcoming and guiding me to improve my research skills. The team at ORI are without a doubt second to none. Their ambition, dedication and passion for world class research at the institute strive to improve the quality of life and outcomes of society.