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The Media Education Research Journal – a twice-yearly peer-reviewed academic journal

About MERJ

We are accepting general articles for issue 13.2 (to be published in Autumn/Winter 2024). Please send submissions, queries, or outlines of possible submissions to:

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  • Angela Blakston & Lisa Waller, ‘If It Matters to You, Then It Can Count as News’: The Personal Needs and Agency Shaping Teen News Definitions
  • Riikka Partanen & Satu Uusiautti, Presenting Your Relationship with Food Online: An Analysis of Finnish Food Bloggers’ Agency in Social Media
  • John N. Ponsaran, Critical Pedagogies in Student Textbook Tasks: A Politico-Communicative Inquiry
  • Sanne L. Tamboer, Do Learning-by-Doing Interventions Work for Early Adolescents? Co-Evaluating a News Literacy Intervention


  • Christa van Raalte – Kevin Wynter, Critical Race Theory and Jordan Peele’s Get Out
  • Steve Connolly – Jane Cubbage (Ed.), Critical Race Media Literacy: Themes and Strategies for Media Education

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