The BU Law Review is produced by the Department of Humanities and Law and published by the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University.

The journal is a unique academic publication based on co-creation and one which synthesises participation from students and academics alike, involving students in various stages of the innovation process and combining academic legal review with the creativity of the media faculty. It is designed to encourage interest in matters pertaining to law, extending beyond merely that of the curriculum to the broad and unique issues arising from the relationship of the law to other disciplines.

At the heart of this project is a desire to showcase some of the excellent academic research being undertaken by our law students at all levels of study. It is also an opportunity to work collaboratively with students to co-create and produce some lasting academic articles, to provide a legacy and opportunity for new and former students alike.

The journal has been a product of slow germination. It started its journey back in 2015 as a concept and became a reality in 2016 following the setting up of a staff–student editorial board followed by funding from the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) awarded to Professor Dinusha Mendis and Miss Megan Mayers (final year law student), which facilitated the process.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make the journal a reality, particularly the editorial team as well as the Faculty of Media and Communication marketing and design teams. We are also grateful for the support extended by the Faculty in launching the first issue.

In the first issue, we have selected a series of essays written by students across a range of core legal subjects and levels of study. We plan to develop a thematic approach to future issues but will continue to seek contributions across our student body. This is very much the beginning of our journey, and we hope to see this journal evolve to create a genuine scholarly academic contribution in the discipline of law.

The BULR places us in an exclusive group of law schools which publish their own law journals. We hope you enjoy this and future issues of the journal.

Professor Dinusha Mendis (Editor-in-Chief)

Professor of Intellectual Property & Innovation Law, Co-Director CIPPM 

Dr Jeffrey Wale (Assistant Editor)

Senior Lecturer in Law

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