The BU Law Review (BULR) is Bournemouth University’s first open access legal journal, showcasing high quality legal analysis, debate and case comments written by Bournemouth University law students. The journal is co-created and edited by students and academics of the Department of Humanities and Law within the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University, for the purpose of encouraging research and understanding of the law beyond the syllabus.

The journal is based on an annual publication, with each issue including a central article relating to a unique theme. The main articles are complemented by blog posts and book reviews. For more information on how to submit your work, please see the submission tab.

BULR was founded by Professor Dinusha Mendis and Dr Jeffrey Wale during academic year 2016-2017 with Issue 1 being launched in September 2017. Apart from being a founding member, Dr Jeffrey Wale also acted as Assistant Editor during 2016-2020.

Executive Committee


Professor Dinusha Mendis

Assistant Editor

Dr. Mallika Tamvada

Consulting Editor

Professor Roger Brownsword


Editorial Board (2022-2023)

Consulting Editors

Dr. Andrea Jarman, Senior Lecturer in Law

Professor Melanie Klinkner, Professor of International Law

Dr. Karolina Szopsa, Lecturer in Law

Staff Editors (rolling)

Vacancies for 5 Staff Editors are available and will be announced in due course.

Student Editors (rolling)

Vacancies for 5 Student Editors are available and will be announced in due course.


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