Work Package 5

Work Package 5 – Prototype validation, proof of concept (IPBR): The objective of WP5 is to evaluate and validate the application with the end-user in a real-life foodservice situation. Visual search tasks largely unexplored in the research on nutrition labels within menus constitute an effective research paradigm to explore and quantify the determinants of bottom –up attention to menu information without such assessments being affected by higher order information processing. The underlying assumption is that the search task is easier (i.e. faster response and fewer mistakes) if the information stands out, having a higher salience than other information.

Processing capacity may be allocated to specific stimuli because of ‘enduring dispositions’ and ‘momentary intentions’, in other words attention may be directed towards a stimulus because it is meaningful in relation to the consumer’s goals or because the stimulus stands out as particularly salient within the visual field. The information itself will be characterised by its physical characteristics size, colour, shape, location, orientation, brightness, luminance and contrast. Attention may be further affected by characteristics of the macro-context specially product assortment and other factors inherent within a choice context. In the feasibility trial, a database will be included within the application to record a log of button pressing. This will allow for examination of application usage. Evaluation will be based on frequency of usage (measured via the button pressing log), qualitative accounts of the effects of the application and factors affecting usage, as well as self-reported acceptance of the application (as measured in a questionnaire).


Work Package 5 report – Institute Paul Bocuse

Prototype validation, proof of concept

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