Work Package 3

Work Package 3 – Cloud computing; development of semantic technology, Big-Data analysis and data mining; providing an open source tool and predictive capacity for Industry (KU): The objective of WP3 is to identify the key information that can be provided by operators and the challenges it entails. It will also develop a system for storage and management of that data that syncs both industry and consumer. The purpose of the system will be twofold:

  1. Centralised storage of industry data; Industry data will be either stored directly in the system or temporarily cached to accelerate incoming requests. The system will allow a smartphone/tablet interface to request data in a uniform manner from a single storage point instead of potentially having to connect and interact with several diverse remote services.
  2. Storage of user data; To provide users with personalized information it is necessary to store data and link them to the user. This information could be demographical data but also user preferences as well as records of consumption episodes etc. A database will be designed that will allow within the functionality the ability to offer personalised food recommendation, with feedback to the operator allowing for predictive capacity. Innovation will be evident in the technical sophistication required that will enable both the industry database and personal database to communicate with each other.