Welcome to the project website of FoodSMART. Here you can find all the relevant information and latest news from this 4 year EU-funded research partnership (running from January 2015 to January 2019).

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FoodSMART is an innovative technical menu solution that enables informed consumer choice when eating out that takes into account individual characteristics (such as culture, dietary requirements and age group) as well as product (specification), leading to personalised food recommendation.

Compared to meals prepared at home, meals eaten out tend to contain more calories, total fat and saturated fat and it is here where the consumer has very little control or knowledge of the nutrient profile of the food they are eating. The positive association between the rise in consumption of food prepared outside the home and the increasing prevalence of obesity has been described as a major health and wellbeing societal challenge.

Attempts to increase public awareness of appropriate ways to eat more healthily unfortunately do not seem to have led to significant changes in patterns of food purchase and consumption especially from an eating ‘out-of-home’ situation. It has become obvious that the development of effective measures for improvement requires further systematic research and a radical approach.


Results will be gathered and modelled to provide strategic intelligence for menu design and decision-making (by Industry) and for policy purposes (by the EU). The application of these results will contribute to operational benefits and added value for the European foodservice industry both public and private, while adding to the body of knowledge regarding consumer behaviour when eating in environments where the main meal is consumed on a consistent basis such as universities and workplaces.


The project will translate the latest academic research results into a greater understanding of human computer interaction in real life settings and the underpinning data mining relating to menu design while informing a powerful commercial opportunity and thereby strengthen European competitiveness. E-menus can provide an interactive experience for consumers to explore the nuances of menu items based on individual needs and where information can be leveraged to provide a more informed choice.


This Industry-Academia collaboration will add intelligence to the eating out-of-home sector in Europe while addressing in a constructive way the EU objectives of healthier eating at population level.