Aims & Objectives

The main goal of FoodSMART is to provide a flexible, customisable and accessible mobile interface and improved menu design that delivers a personalised dietary recommendation across public sector settings.

This goal will be achieved by pursuing the following specific objectives within three overlapping research and partnership programme areas of ICT development, foodservice operation and consumer behaviour:

  • Identification of key criteria required by consumers to enable informed choice when eating out (across key stages and countries).
  • Mapping of the relationship between criteria to provide personalised dish recommendation enabling the trigger for optimum practice.
  • Provision of predictive capacity to foodservice operators (e.g. data analytics).
  • Production of a flexible customisable and accessible interface (e.g. smartphone app and QR coding) for personalised food recommendation and facilitating the consumption of healthy and appropriate dishes.
  • Proof of concept.
  • Interpreting and evaluating consumer food choice through data mining and related measurement/analytical approaches across countries (Denmark, France, Greece, UK), key stages and public sector settings (universities and workplaces).
  • Synthesising and benchmarking the attributes of a successful human-app interface in preparation for commercialisation.

More specifically, our conceptualization of an attentive eating approach involves encouraging an increasing consumer awareness of food being eaten and prompting an appropriate dish selection.