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MOre VEggies than sweets ‐ MOVE

MOre VEggies than sweets ‐ MOVE Tuesday July 4th 2017. 14:00‐16:00 AAU Copenhagen, Campus Sydhavn The main goal of VeggiEAT ( is to increase knowledge and understanding of the determinants of vegetable acceptability (liking), consumption/intake, through sensory characteristics and aspects of the eating environment across all age groups and institutional settings. For the first time… Read more »

Alpro Foundation Symposium – The Moment for Plant-Based Eating is Now

Prof Armando Perez-Cueto from Copenhagen University, talked about Nudging healthier food choices: what works in labs and what is promising in real settings at the Alpro Foundation 20 years celebration – The moment for plant-based eating is Now. On his presentation Professor Perez-Cueto discussed the Choice architecture & nudging and provided evidence related to the VeggiEAT project. Read more here… Read more »