Scientific Challenge

Researchers in each partner present a multidisciplinary academic base encompassing marketing, consumer studies, nutrition, public health, sociology, psychology, foodservice and culinary expertise. This synergistic approach will ensure a holistic appreciation and understanding of the wider implications of past and future action within public health whilst concurrently guaranteeing a seamless transition from a theoretical understanding to practical application and commercialisation.

Thus VeggiEAT will address the scientific challenge in respect of three key themes;

  1. Product sensory analysis and consumer perception– sensory characterisation and sensory variation perception according to consumer characteristics; optimisation of sensory and consumer tests according to subject characteristics.
  2. Recipe development – Fruit is often considered as a convenience food whereas vegetables are not and lack of time, irregular working hours and a busy lifestyle are perceived as barriers to vegetable consumption by many Europeans. Therefore dishes which can incorporate already prepared varieties could be the solution.
  3. Consumer behaviour – Public sector foodservice settings where meals are consumed by the same people habitually, can significantly impact individuals overall diets; highlighting a potential for health promotion. VeggiEAT will address key factors that facilitate the choice of vegetables by consumers across the life span.