MOre VEggies than sweets ‐ MOVE

MOre VEggies than sweets ‐ MOVE Tuesday July 4th 2017. 14:00‐16:00 AAU Copenhagen, Campus Sydhavn

The main goal of VeggiEAT ( is to increase knowledge and understanding of the determinants of vegetable acceptability (liking), consumption/intake, through sensory characteristics and aspects of the eating environment across all age groups and institutional settings. For the first time research has been conducted which disaggregates vegetables from fruits and where data have been collected in real life settings from four countries, Denmark, France, Italy and the UK. At this closing event we would like to show some examples of HOW intake of fruit and veggies can be increased by means of environmental and educational strategies. We will show some appetizers of how technology can help and how small nudges can assist in increasing intake.

Welcome: Professor Bent E. Mikkelsen, Aalborg University, Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark (5 mins)
Why F&V intake among young people is important and what the VeggieEat has been achieving. Professor Heather Hartwell, Foodservice and Applied Nutrition Research Group & Health and Wellbeing, Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University, UK (20 mins)
What is nudging and how it can increase F&V intake: Executive project manager Gitte Laub Hansen, Physical Activity and Diet, Department of Prevention and Information, Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark (20 mins)
What is smart food technology and how can it assist in increasing F&V intake. Professor Bent E. Mikkelsen, Aalborg University, Professor. Captive Food Scape Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark (15 mins)

  •  Augmented reality technology for plant food literacy training – results from the feasibility study of the VeggiMatchi food educational app. Ada Zawadzka
  • Can sensorial shopping in the virtual vegetable market increase F&V intake? Shova Acharya & Luca Mangano.
  • The Eye4Food plant food literacy trainer for kids in kindergarten. Lars Reng. Assoc professor Mediology and the AAU Smile Lab


  • Want to see some environmental designing practice? See how we do Hands On Street Science
    With the Pick and mix yourself Veggie event

The event is planned and hosted by AAU and Danish Cancer Society – both members of the VeggieEat advisory board. It is carried out as part of the ICCAS 2017 pre‐conference activities and is carried out in cooperation with aster students from Integrated Food Studies, as an assignment in the course Foodscapes, project management and planning entitled Develop an intervention that will make youth/the participants eat more vegetables than sweets. The technology part is provided with assistance from the AAU Smile Lab and the AAU FoodScape Lab.