Validation of joint angle measurements

Title: Validation of joint angle measurements: Comparison of a novel low cost marker-less system with an industry standard marker-based system.

Status: Article in review

The purpose of the study: Biomechanical analysis is a powerful tool in the evaluation of movement dysfunction in orthopaedic and neurologic populations. Three-dimensional (3D) motion capture systems are widely used accurate systems, but are costly and not available in many clinical settings. This study compared joint angles measured in functional tests using the novel low-cost Microsoft Kinect Perfect Phorm system with the established marker based Nexus VICON system. A series of specified functional tests are performed in unimpaired participants, with the aim to examine the relative accuracy of the Kinect Perfect Phorm system and the correlation between the two systems.

 Primary Objectives:  Measurements using the new system (Kinect) will be compared to those using the Nexus Vicon as the “gold standard” measurement, in order to examine whether the Kinect system makes valid measurements.

 Study start date: February 2017

Estimated completion date: September 2018

Validation of joint angle measurements