European Public Relations History Network
The European Public Relations History Network (EPRHN) is a Bournemouth University initiative, supported by EUPRERA, to gather knowledge of the history of public relations across Europe. It aims to create cross-border research projects and to explore the distinctive aspects of public relations’ history across the continent. More than 30 academics and practitioners from 12 countries are founding members of EPRHN and it has grown to 48 members from 18 countries (December 2013).
They have come together to produce a record of public relations archives. The first edition was published in January 2013 and has been succeeded by the second edition in March 2014: EPRHN Archive Record 2nd edition
The first formal meeting of EPRHN was held at the EUPRERA Congress in Barcelona in October 2013. New, active members are very welcome. Enquiries should be sent to

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