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Conferences and Presentations 



Conference Date Title Presenter
ICCAS, Montclair State University, NJ 2015 Criteria of importance influencing food choice in workplace canteens. Sarah Price
IPB PhD. Summer school (FoodSMART) 2015 Criteria of importance influencing food choice in workplace canteens. Sarah Price
International colloquium on food choice interventions, University of Copenhagen 2015 The role of choice architecture in public health nutrition and the rationale for uCare Prof Armando Perez-Cueto
The Behavioral Economic Research Group, University of Copenhagen 2016 FoodSMART Presentation at the Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Copenhagen Prof Armando Perez-Cueto
CAUTHE Hospitality Conference, Sydney 2016 FoodSMART-shaping smarter consumer behaviour and food choice Prof Heather Hartwell
9th International Symposium – Social and Cross-cultural Factors of Culinary and Eating Behaviors Symposium at the Insitut Paul Bocuse 2016 FoodSMART – results from WP2 Sarah Price
BU Festival of Learning 2016 FoodSMART – Eat out smarter! BU Team
FoodBIZ 2016 FoodBiz Festival BU Team
Global Festival of Learning, Malaysia 2016 FoodSMART – Eat out smarter! BU Team
BU impact 2016 FoodSMART impact Prof Heather Hartwell
EuroCHRIE 2016 FoodSMART- an international tool for wellbeing? Sarah Price
ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 9 Nov 2016 Innovations in Hospitality and Travel Prof Heather Hartwell
Tourism and Hospitality @ BU 23 Nov 2016 Food Innovation & Competitiveness Prof Heather Hartwell
Nutrition Society 2016 Poster – Important information for the selection of workplace canteen meals: A consumer segmentation study Bournemouth University
Food Matters Live: Tackling Obesity Seminar 2016 Understanding environmental factors influencing food choice in the foodservice industry IPB
ENABLE Cluster Workshop “FOOD 2030 – Die Zukunft der Ernährung im Zeitalter der Konnektivität“, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany 1 December 2016 Behavioral Economics: What does it have to do with what I order? Laure Saulais, IPB
Journée d’étude organisée par Acteurs de La Vie Scolaire : Restauration Collective : quelle stratégie pour allier circuits courts, bio et lutte contre le gaspillage, Paris 8 Décembre 2016 Comment sensibiliser les convives et les parents au bien-manger et faire évoluer les comportements alimentaires? Laure Saulais, IPB
Online Symposium on Ethics in Foodservice, Food Decisions Research Laboratory and Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State University 9 Dec 2016 Choice architecture for the promotion of health and sustainability: ethical concerns in foodservice Laure Saulais, IPB
International Symposium – Food Choice environments to promote healthy and sustainable eating behaviours Nudges in perspective 2017 “Healthy and sustainable eating in foodservice environments : challenges and perspectives “; “Living lab experiments as a tool to investigate food choice biases and interventions” BU and IPB
ICCAS 2017 2017 Critical evaluation of the current and future role of technology in eating out food choice BU
Industrial Catering April 2017 Annual conference Ronge & Partner
Food Service Europe May 2017 Annual conference Ronge & Partner
Séminaire THERMOTEL – Ecully 11 Mai 2017 Alimentation, Bien-être Et Santé – Perspectives Comportementales, professional workshop IPB
International Tourism and Hospitality Conference Visitor Economy 2017 Strategies and Innovations Bournemouth University “FoodSMART: Think Smart, Eat Smarter” BU
14:Live 2017 FoodSMART – Eat Out Smarter! Have you ever considered what’s in your food when you’re eating out? BU
Webinar – How to write a successful proposal for MSCA-RISE 2017 Project featured on the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science University of Copenhagen
Global Festival of Learning, China 2017 FoodSMART: Think Smart, Eat Smarter BU
Ambassador Day 2017 Marie Curie BU
Experimental Café 2017 FoodSMART APP test BU
nutriCARD – Lecture in Kooperation mit dem Institutskolloquium des Instituts für Ernährungswissenschaften, Kompetenzcluster für Ernährung und kardiovaskuläre Gesundheit, Institut für Ernährungswissenschaften (Hörsaal), Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany June 28th, 2017 Investigating food decisions: what can we learn from living lab experiments? Laure Saulais, IPB
Training course “Diplomierter Großküchenleiter” March-July, 2017 FoodSMART is part of the training course digitalisation theme Ronge & Partner
RICHFIELDS Plenary Project Meeting 6-8 November, 2017 Introduction lecture – Living Labs: a tool for innovation in the public and private sector? The Institut Paul Bocuse experience IPB
Fair Salzburg 2017 “Alles für den Gast” – the biggest gastronomy fair in middle Europe 11 November, 2017 Keynote speaker Ronge & Partner
Genussgipfel 29 November, 2017 Keynote speaker, Presentation of the FoodSMART Project Ronge & Partner
3rd Online Interdisciplinary Research Symposium in Foodservice Decisions. « Understanding Foodservice Decisions ». Penn State University – College of Health and Human Development December 1st, 2017 HEALTH ON THE MENU: BEYOND CALORIE INFORMATION Laure Saulais, IPB
Hospitality Industry Day, London 2 Feb, 2018 HE/Industry Conference Bournemouth University
FoodSMART App promotion talk, Bournemouth 28 Mar, 2018 BU alumnus supports FoodSMART project Bournemouth University
Global Festival of Learning, Germany 16-19 April, 2018 FoodSMART: Think smart, eat smarter. Presenting project and app to a range of German academic and practitioner audience Bournemouth University
Public talk 14th May, 2018 Pint of Science talk. Think smart, eat smarter. Presenting project and app to public Bournemouth University
CHME 2018, Bournemouth 22-25 May, 2018 CHME 2018 Research Conference Bournemouth University
International Food Marketing Research Symposium 2018, Bournemouth 13-14 Jun, 2018 International Food Marketing Research Symposium Bournemouth University
International Symposium – “EATING AT WORK” 20 Sep, 2018 International Symposium – “EATING AT WORK” IPB
University News Sep, 2018 “Panepistimiaka Nea” – presentation of the FoodSMART project University of Macedonia
Presentation at the Research Seminar of the Design and Consumer Behavior department at the KU 10 Oct, 2018 Contextual methodologies in sensory and consumer studies Adriana Galiñanes Plaza, IPB
Presentation to the master’ students of Food Innovation and Health at the KU 11 Oct, 2018 How context influences consumers’ behavior Adriana Galiñanes Plaza, IPB
Vietnam UK Higher Education Forum, Hanoi 30 Oct, 2018 Presentation reflecting on cross-national research collaboration on EU project FoodSMART (grant 643999) Bournemouth University

Other activity

Title Date Partner
News – Developing an app for smart food choices 15 April 2015 University of Copenhagen
News – Mobilen skal informere on fodevarer 01 June 2015 University of Copenhagen
FoodSMART Youtube Channel October 2015 Ronge & Partner; Bournemouth University
Research Photography Competition

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January 2016 Bournemouth University
 Twitter 2015-2019 All
Google Play – FoodSMART APP 2017 University of Macedonia/ all partners
The Conversation: “How to stop your lunch break damaging your health”

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February 2017 Bournemouth University
Research Gate

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2017-2019 Bournemouth University/ all partners
National Italian TV station RAIUNO. SUPERQUARK, a primetime nature, science, medicine, technology, and archaeology Italian TV program presented by Piero Angela, which has been broadcast with continuing success on RAIUNO for twenty years now, a reportage on HEALTH APPS 2018 All