Professor Alice Roberts

Saturday 16 June

Professor Alice Roberts is a biological anthropologist, author and broadcaster. Alice has presented a wide range of biology and archaeology programmes on television, including The Incredible Human Journey, Origins of Us, Prehistoric Autopsy and Digging for Britain, as well as several Horizon programmes on the BBC. She presented a new 6-part series Britain’s Most Historic Towns on Channel 4 earlier this year. She’ll be uncovering the amazing history of familiar species with wild pasts – and exploring how they’ve changed our world – in two talks, suitable for ages 7+.
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Ian B Dunne

Wednesday 20 June

Ian B Dunne is a science presenter and showman who wows audiences with a vast array of props, pictures and practical demonstrations. Bringing a unique blend of science and humour, Ian is often referred to as the ‘science stand-up’ and his shows will enchant, entertain and educate in equal measure. Ian will be doing two hour long shows – one aimed at a family audience with children aged six and over, and one for audiences over 12 years old.
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