BUARC Archaeological Excavations in Wimborne

The BUARC team have completed post-excavation on a Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age settlement north of Wimborne, Dorset. The project was carried out on behalf of Bloor Homes Ltd on a proposed residential development for the area.

Archaeological excavations, carried out in late 2014, revealed three areas of archaeological significance including a late prehistoric settlement enclosure. Three probable domestic structures were identified consisting of pits, stakeholes and postholes, surrounded by a large enclosure ditch.


The findings from the site, located on an elevated land with extensive southerly views towards the river valley, provide an invaluable addition to the understanding of the prehistoric landscape of the area.

Over a thousand sherds of pottery were recovered during the project, the majority of which date to the late Bronze Age-early Iron Age period, consisting of mostly flint-tempered or sandy ware, while calcareous and grog-tempered fabrics were also recovered in small amounts.

A total of 188 pieces of worked flint were also recovered during the fieldwork. Finds included: a dihedral burin, a number of blades, cores, a leaf shaped arrowhead, an awl, several end scrapers, an end and side scraper and a side scraper, as well as two fantastic elongated and facetted axes dating to the Mid-Late Neolithic period.

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