Day 11 – beginning of week 3!

Site briefing The beginning of the third week of excavation followed heavy rainfall, occurring over the weekend, causing the dampening of soil and therefore differential colouring of the contexts and fills of the different features. During the site briefing, Miles Russell concluded that a further two round houses could be observed on site, poising the… Read more »

Day 10 – part 2!

The end of the day marked the end of the second week of excavation. Within Trench A, significant sections of the ring ditch surrounding the central round house, some reaching depths of around 50cm, had been excavated. This depth would have been much greater prior to the ploughing of the land and the removal of… Read more »

Day 10: Part 1!

Once everyone had reached the site, a short briefing was taken by Miles Russell and Paul Cheetham. Miles hopes that many of the shallow features will be resolved by the end of the day to help with ascertaining the chronology of the site. A significant quantity of Lower Bronze Age (c. 1400 – 1000) material… Read more »

Day 9 – finds and unmanned aerial systems!

This morning the site briefing was omitted in order to promptly start the progress of the excavation. The students immediately carried on their investigation of their features and the student who had successfully excavated and helped to lift the nearly full pot found in Trench A was instructed on how to carry out its processing…. Read more »

Day 8 – safety first!

During the site briefing this morning, conducted mainly by Iain Hewitt, the importance of compliance with health and safety regulations was highlighted as the site is expecting an inspection on the 3rd of July. The main purpose of the health and safety regulations is to ensure the collective collaborations of all those present on site… Read more »