Daily news and discoveries from the 2015 field school

Day 19

The osteological remains of what is currently considered to be cow (likely the predominant bos longifrons), were discovered in the lower context of the terminal of a ditch in Trench B.  The remains consisted of several disarticulated vertebrae, as such, it is unclear whether the deposition of these remains are comparable in nature to those… Read more » about Day 19

Day 18 – domestic land use

The finds emerging from both trenches are consistent with a domestic themed land use. The quantity of charcoal, earthen ware sherds and metallurgical debris suggest that this is not an area in which industrial scale processes were conducted; many finds of the middle and upper contexts may be reflective of a scatter of domestic refuse… Read more » about Day 18 – domestic land use

Day 17 – a re-evaluation of the faunal remains

Today, the site was visited by zooarchaeologists, Ellen Hambleton and Mark Maltby, in order to infer a deeper analysis of the faunal remains recovered from the features through manual excavation (in regards to macrofauna) and through environmental sampling of the soil alike (in relation to microfauna). Macrofauna Further depositions of cow, sheep, horse and pig… Read more » about Day 17 – a re-evaluation of the faunal remains