Day 5: They had style, they had grace!

Today we had two amazing finds discovered which showed how much style and grace the roman women had. One whole and one half hair pin made out of bone was discovered in Trench D. The finds were small and very delicate, so it is amazing that they were discovered and we could still identify what… Read more »

Day 4: Trench Time

Many questions are arising from Trench E, especially when trying to determine what time period it is. Many finds are being discovered from the trench, like a beautiful pot handle was discovered by one of our students. From the aerial photograph images that were taken, we can see clearly a numerous amount of pits, gullies,… Read more »


The students were lucky enough to start digging today in both Trench D and E! They were all very excited to get into the dirt and start finding archaeology. Each student were put into a feature and show the best way to remove the spoil and remove the finds. The students really got into the… Read more »

Day 2: Almost Ready

Today has been a busy day for the students as they began troweling back in Trench E. Troweling back is where archaeologists will clean the dust and dirt from the surface of the site; this is done by using the edge of a trowel to scrap everything back and them moving into a bucket. Its… Read more »

Day 1: Sun, Sweat and Archaeology

Today is the start of the Bournemouth university Big Dig; the staff, students and volunteers are ready for 5 weeks of glorious sun, sweat and archaeology. Arriving at the site everyone was taken onto the trenches to have a look at what was uncovered when the top soil was removed. Numerous pits, gullies and possible… Read more »