Daily news and discoveries from the 2014 field school

Day 5 – First Site Briefing and the Globular Urn

Friday 13th June 2014 Today started off with the main briefing given by Miles Russell and Paul Cheetham. Trench 1 still remains to be an interesting feature. The prehistoric or roman square enclosure is parallel to the larger enclosure ditch, which is thought to be Bronze Age in date. This would mean that if the… Read more »

Day 4 – The cover up

Thursday 12th June 2014 Today was due to be another extremely hot day, so everyone was sure to cover up and make sure that every part of exposed skin was slathered in sun cream. The square feature in Trench 1 was covered over with fabric in order to try to protect any features within it,… Read more »

Day 3 – Sections and the Festival of Learning

Wednesday 11th June Due to the start of the excavation of features today everyone turned up on site in a very optimistic mood, despite the 2 days worth of blisters and sunburn that most people have now. Miles Russell provided a 2 minute video explaining the site and our purpose of being here, as well… Read more »

Day 2 – Still cleaning…

Tuesday 10th June 2014 Today continued to be a day consisting of troweling back the site. It was also the first day of the site logistics job for the first year. This job consists of making sure that the site has a constant water supply, which is especially important when the finds from the features… Read more »

Day 1 – Sun, Stones and Blisters!

Monday 9th June 2014  With a total of around 80 people on site during the first day of the Durotriges Project 2014, it was sure to be a productive day. The weather provided a good working condition, although by the end of the day there were more than a few people with sunburn! Today was… Read more »