Daily news and discoveries from the 2014 field school

Day 15 – ‘Pebble’, charcoal and lots of hobnails!

Friday 27th June 2014 Today was due to be another day filled with rain, however it remained relatively dry compared to yesterday. In Trench 1 the large stone (nicknamed ‘Pebble’) was finally lifted from its pit. The purpose of putting the stone there remains unclear, however the stone did lie directly on top of a… Read more »

Day 14 – Trackway, bones and more ditches.

Thursday 26th June 2014   After having a very busy day yesterday, today remained to be a relatively quiet day, with the primary focus on removing and bagging the skeletons in order to preserve them as soon as possible. The bags that they are being placed in have to be labelled very carefully and thoroughly… Read more »

Day 13 – Toddlers and sieves

Wednesday 25th June 2014 Around mid-afternoon today we had scaffolding arrive on site to be placed in Trench 1. This scaffolding would allow us to take high up photos of Trench 1, which includes the graves. This gives a better indication of the relationship between the different features. Today would be the last day of… Read more »

Day 12 – Ditches and vessels

Tuesday 24th June 2014 The bones from inside the Mausoleum in Trench 1 are still being uncovered. This is the last day that they will be uncovered before they start to be removed tomorrow. This is because the longer the bones are exposed the more chance there is of them crumbling and falling apart due… Read more »

Day 11 – Spindle whorls and mineralised wood

Monday 23rd June 2014 Trench 1 has become a hub of activity today. The graves have finally started to show the rest of the skeletons! The majority of the skills appear to be crushed, but this was only natural from the position of the burials. If a head is facing directly upwards rather than on… Read more »