Seeing beneath Stonehenge: Data Mining Under-The-Earth?

Bournemouth University’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development Officer Mark Dover recalls his Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing Beneath Stonehenge journey. With the launch of the KMZ, knowing that the data is “free”, being used and hopefully enjoyed in Google Earth, has made me reminisce about my time on the Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing Beneath Stonehenge. In the last… Read more »

Dr Kate Welham on Meridian news

Dr Kate Welhamwas interviewed about Google Under-the-Earth: Seeing Beneath Stonehenge yesterday. You can watch the interview here:-

Seeing Beneath Stonehenge project

Lawrence Shaw on what it was like working on the Google Under–the–Earth: Seeing Beneath Stonehenge project 25 November 2011

Fine wines, dog-horses & ‘dead’ pots

Excavations at a rare Iron Age ‘banjo’ enclosure have uncovered some interesting finds. Banjo settlements are named so because of their shape – a circular area approached by a long track. They are late Iron Age in date and were probably used as a farming settlement combined with some form of animal enclosure. Due to… Read more »