The Wayfinding Lab at Bournemouth University is supported by state-of-the-art technical facilities.


This is ViRtUOS, our new immersive VR, eye-tracking (SR Research EyeLink 2), and motion tracking (Polhemus Fastrack) setup. We currently have research assistants from BU’s Psychology, Computing, Animation and Creative Technology programmes working together to set up this new research platform.

We also use mobile eye-tracking technology that allows us to record gaze behaviour in freely moving participants. Below is trial of an experiment in which we used mobile eye-tracking (Ergoneers Dikablis) to study the efficacy of wayfinding signage in an applied scenario (here Poole Hospital).

As well as dedicated technicians on hand to support wayfinding research, the lab relies on an SR Research EyeLink 1000, an EyeLink II, an Ergoneers pre-ambulatory eye tracker, a Polhemus Fastrak head position monitor and two immersive virtual reality set ups.

With specialist graphics hardware and software, researchers are able to immerse participants in customary environments, then monitor behaviour in order to explore a host of factors that influence wayfinding.


For more information about the eye tracking and virtual reality systems available please visit the eye tracking site.