Wayfinding & Cognitive Ageing

Efficient spatial navigation not only requires accurate spatial knowledge but also the selection of appropriate strategies. In this project we use behavioural and eye-tracking paradigms to investigate the effect of cognitive ageing and dementia on navigation and wayfinding. Specifically, we are interested in how different navigation strategies such as ego- and allocentric strategies, the switching between navigation strategies, and fundamental spatial processes such as perspective taking are effected by cognitive ageing.


Recent publications:

Wiener, J.M., de Condappa, O., Harris, M.A. & Wolbers, T. (accepted). Maladaptive bias for extrahippocampal navigation strategies in aging humans. Journal of Neuroscience

Wiener, J.M., Kmecova, H. & de Condappa, O., (2012). Route repetition and route retracing: Effects of cognitive aging. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 4(7)

Harris, M.A., Wiener, J.M. & Wolbers, T. (2012). Aging specifically impairs switching to an allocentric navigational strategy. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 4(20).



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